"Bridging gaps"


Italian, German, French, English, and Spanish translations

Translation is not simply the transferring of a text from one language into another. It is also an interpretation, a confrontation with other ways of expressing oneself and an initiation into another thought process. It is a journey with words, and back.

Since 1990, I have been translating texts from German and French into my Italian mother-tongue for small to medium-sized industrial and commercial companies, social security institutions, associations, technical offices, advertising agencies, law firms.

In order to satisfy my ever-growing clientele and to reply in a timely manner to its requirements, I now also offer my services for translations into German, Italian, French, English, and Spanish. These are performed by an important network of qualified translators, who only work in their mother tongues.

Anything, ranging from a birth certificate through a legal text to instructions for use, can be reliably, quickly, and discreetly translated into your chosen language.

Important advantages for you:
  • Important network of native-speakers translators
  • Flexibility
  • Use of your technical terms
  • Translation with use of modern EDP and communication technology.

Call me. I look forward to hearing from you.

My Services For You...

What kind of documents can you entrust to me?

Over time, I have gained experience in the following fields:

  • Social security insurance (old-age pension, retirement funds, health insurance)
  • Construction (urbanism and architecture, transit through the Alps, Thermoselect, construction machinery)
  • Health (medical reports, lectures, packaging enclosures, etc.)
  • Legal (regulations, articles of incorporation, prospectuses)
  • Texts in the EDP area (manuals, technical descriptions)
  • Banking (databases and SAP programmes, Hewlett Packard, Swisscom System, handbooks, technical descriptions for EDP networks)
  • Advertising/marketing (texts for leaflets, flyers, websites, etc.)
  • Consular notarisations
  • Text revision and adaptation

You may also engage my services for interpreting (consecutive, negotiation interpreting, e.g. before courts, in contract negotiations).

  • Corporate Governance – Handbook
    Author: Dr. jur. André von Moos, Lucerne
  • Mefista brochure, Technical University of North-western Switzerland, Olten
  • Offers and preliminary projects, technical documents, tunnelling and rail installations LTF, Zurich